'Therapeutic' Ted Cruz pinata draws cheers from Texans

A party store in Dallas, Texas is earning some praise from critics of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) after it created a piñata in the senator's likeness.

NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reports that the ABC Party HQ in Dallas created the Cruz pinata after the senator was caught fleeing his state's catastrophic power outages to vacation on the beaches of Cancun.

The pinata depicts Cruz carrying a suitcase and holding a passport while wearing his face mask that has the Texas state flag emblazoned across the front of it.

"Each pinata is handmade and takes three to five days to complete," reports NBC Dallas-Fort Worth. "The Cruz 3-and-a-half-feet-tall piñata costs $100 and has to be pre-ordered, followed by an approximate 2-week wait."

The Cruz pinata earned cheers from many Twitter users, one of whom imagined that beating it with a stick would qualify as "therapy for Texans" angered by his decision to skip town during a statewide emergency.

Check out some reactions below.