'HE IS WRONG': Legal analysts go off on Ted Cruz for his attacks on Judge Jackson
Sen. Ted Cruz. (Image via Twitter/Axios).

Legal analysts sounded off on Tuesday after Sen.Ted Cruz (R-TX) questioned Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson at her confirmation hearing. The analysts accused the GOP senator of taking facts out of context and trying to twist them into some nefarious conspiracy.

Cruz began with the "critical race theory" claims, asking if it's taught in schools and if she thinks it's appropriate. Judge Jackson sits on the board of a private school, Georgetown Day School, which is not to be confused with Georgetown Prep where Brett Kavanaugh attended.

Cruz was aghast by some of the books given to children there, but as Jackson explained, it's a private school, not a public one. CRT isn't taught in public schools as far as she is aware.

Interestingly, law professor Jennifer Taub noted that the books that Cruz objects to seem to be ones about not being racist. "So, is Cruz pro-racist?" she asked.

National Security Lawyer Bradley Moss said the Republicans seem intent on a book burning.

As Judge Jackson explained, the school was founded in 1945 when racial segregation still existed. Their goal was to value all children at the school.

The Independent reporter Andrew Feinberg noted that Cruz's questions about CRT seem to be coordinated with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) because just as Cruz was bringing it up, McConnell's office fired off a press release about it.

Legal analyst Elie Mystal pointed to Cruz's questioning of Judge Jackson on the child predator sentencing. Mystal went on to say that when the records of both are compared, Cruz has a more extensive "activism" for predators, citing his endorsement of Donald Trump. Cruz also defended Judge Brett Kavanaugh after accusations of sexual assault that were never fully investigated in the background check.

Matthew Dowd, who explained that he'd worked with Cruz in the past, found it simply saves time to take a dislike to Cruz from the start.

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