Watch: Ted Lieu shreds Jim Jordan's 'lie' in House floor debate over Supreme Court 'intimidation'
C-SPAN/screen grab

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) called out Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) on the House floor for what he said was a "lie" during a debate over protection for Supreme Court justices and staff.

Prior to a vote on Tuesday, Jordan claimed that Democrats said "not to worry" when justices were threatened after a leaked draft opinion suggested that the high court would overturn federal abortion rights for women.

"That's the position of Democrats in this body!" Jordan exclaimed. "And that's why we're saying why did it take so long? Six weeks ago was when the draft leak happened and the protests started at justices' homes almost immediately after the leak of that draft!"

Lieu used part of the Democrats' time to take on Jordan.

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"I'm going to respond to that because what he just said was a lie," Lieu insisted. "The fact that he's saying that Democrats think there's nothing wrong, there's no danger to Supreme Court justices is a lie. Why? Because we're the majority party and, look, we just put this bill up and we're about to vote on it."

"We clearly care about Supreme Court justices, but we also care about the families and employees of the Supreme Court and that is what we're talking about today," he continued. "Republicans are misleading you. Supreme Court justices, right now, have law enforcement protection details. They are protected by law enforcement."

Lieu noted that some Supreme Court employees had received threats from "right-wing activists." And then he reminded Jordan of the "intimidation" then-President Donald Trump's supporters caused on Jan. 6.

"You want to talk about intimidation?" Lieu said. "I'll tell you what intimidation is. It is Trump supporters assaulting the Capitol on Jan. 6, brutalizing 140 police officers. That is intimidation!"

Watch the video below from C-SPAN.

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