The 1/6 commission isn't designed to target the GOP — the fact Republicans think it will is telling: Dem says
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On Wednesday's edition of CNN's "The Lead," former Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-MA) highlighted the significance of Senate Republicans' refusal to back a commission on the Capitol riot — and the fears motivating it.

"Let's back up a bit," said Kennedy. "If there are legitimate concerns, they would be heard. This was a bipartisan investigation. The lead republican on this, John Katko, is a former mob prosecutor and public corruption prosecutor who spent 20 years at the Department of Justice, and Democrats essentially acceded to all of his requests that were put by none other than Kevin McCarthy."

"You have a bipartisan commission and subpoena authority that has to come together by a majority vote, or with the consent of the chair and the ranking member," continued Kennedy. "And you have an agreement by stipulation that the investigation would end by the end of the calendar year. All of the things that Republicans said are their concern. Democrats and Republicans said, 'Okay, we will meet them.' The bill and the commission got 35 Republican votes out of the House of Representatives."

"The idea that it is somehow, some political maneuver to put the spotlight on Republicans, I think the fact that Republicans think that, it might lead you to believe that they think there is something there they don't want to uncover, and that's the problem," added Kennedy.

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Joe Kennedy says GOP opposition to Capitol commission suggests their fear of being implicated