Tennessee Bible history teacher arrested after unwittingly confessing to sexual assault to detectives
Person in handcuffs (Shutterstock)

KOMO News reported Monday that a Bible history teacher at a Tennesee charter school has been suspended after being charged with aggravated kidnapping and rape. Tyner Middle Academy aims to educate children on STEM subjects, though the 23-year-old KaDarius Desean Scott taught the Bible.

A biography page on the school's website shows Scott is a "graduate of Brainerd High School and Lane College where I received my Bachelor of Art in Religious Studies. This is my second year at Tyner Middle Academy. I am also the head Baseball and Cross-Country Coach."

According to the report, an unidentified woman said that Scott was invited to her home for dinner and to discuss work and when she went to the bathroom, Scott was standing by, refusing to leave the room, shut the door and kept her from leaving.

He then grabbed her by the hair and forcibly kissed her neck and face while she struggled and begged him to stop. When she didn't return the affections he grew angry, threw her onto her bed, ripped her clothing off, and raped her.

"You're gonna take this" and "you're gonna enjoy it," he told her.

He then left, later texting her, "Bae... I am sorry... I just get a head [sic] of my self [sic] ... just want to make love to you and hold you ... just want to be there."

He then called her again while she was sitting with detectives who listened to the conversation. He confessed "I went too far," and apologized.

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