'I called him the n-word -- ain't going to lie': Tennessee alderman admits to hurling racist abuse at neighbor

Thomas Dillard, an alderman serving the city of Portland, Tennessee, is facing calls to resign after he admitted to police that he hurled racist abuse at his Black neighbor while the two were having an argument.

Local news station WSMV reports that Dillard made the admission after police responded to reports of an angry dispute between Dillard and his neighbor over dogs that reside in the area.

""I called him the n-word, I ain't going to lie," Dillard told the police. "It might not be good to say with these cameras, but I'm ready to get this over with man."

Portland's city attorney tells WSMV that the city cannot yet release the full police video because it is part of an ongoing criminal investigation.

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All the same, Dillard is facing calls from the local chapter of the NAACP to resign.

"Bigotry and the inability to settle disputes in a civil manner are not personal traits that should be espoused by any official elected to serve the public," said Rev. Thomas Staten, president of the Gallatin-Sumner County Branch NAACP. "It is unfortunate Alderman Dillard actions reflect poorly upon himself, the City of Portland, and the Board of Aldermen, of which he is presently a member. Hopefully, the Board of Aldermen can rectify his current status."