California woman fingered as 'Terrorgram' propagandist who promotes mass shootings: report
By RKT7789 - Vectorized version of the Iron March logo from British Anti-Terrorism Guide to Extremist SymbolsPreviously published: Previously unpublished, CC BY-SA 4.0,

A Sacramento-area woman named Dallas Erin Humber has been identified as the voice behind "Terrorgram," a neo-Nazi outlet that pushes extremist propaganda glorifying terrorism and mass shootings in the name of white supremacy, the Huffington Post reported on Thursday.

"A major influence on Terrorgram is the neo-Nazi web forum Iron March, linked to both the proscribed UK-based group National Action, and the US-founded Atomwaffen Division," according to Wikipedia.

"The Terrorgram Collective is at the heart of the international neo-Nazi accelerationist movement, the most extreme and explicit iteration of white supremacism, which advocates deadly violence and other acts of destruction to hasten the collapse of society so that a whites-only world can be built in its place," reported Christopher Mathias. "The collective produces propaganda — audiobooks, videos and memes — that travels across the web in hopes of inspiring the next Christchurch shooter, who killed 51 Muslims in two mosques; the next El Paso shooter, who killed 22 Hispanic people in a Walmart; the next Pittsburgh shooter, who killed 11 Jews in a synagogue; and the next Buffalo shooter, who killed 10 Black Americans in a grocery store."

"The Terrorgram Collective maintains a horrifying hagiology of these shooters, calling them 'saints' and sanctifying their likenesses with medieval-style church drawings," said the report. "Last year, to the alarm of antifascists and counterterror organizations, the collective produced a 24-minute documentary that glorified the murders committed by 105 'saints' over the last 50 years.

The leaders of this group have been anonymous — but a team of anti-fascist researchers have finally uncovered the identity of a major player in the operation.

"One of the Terrorgram Collective’s main propagandists is Dallas Erin Humber, a 33-year-old woman living in Sacramento, California," said the report. "HuffPost has corroborated the research indicating that Humber is the person behind multiple Telegram accounts associated with the Terrorgram Collective, and identifying her as the narrator of the collective’s documentaries and audiobooks." Much is still unknown about Humber, including what she currently does for a living. However, "there’s evidence she has at times made money selling art, and that she has worked as an academic tutor. She also was a dildo saleswoman, posting videos in which she reviewed different sex toys."

As the report notes, another person suspected of having ties to Terrorgram, Atomwaffen founder Brandon Clint Russell and his girlfriend, were arrested last month in connection with a plot to destroy the Baltimore power grid.