Terrorism threats against American targets are surging online: government memo
US-NEWS-FLA-SCHOOL-THREAT-DMT. - Dreamstime/Dreamstime/TNS

Extremist groups are becoming more active in pushing for acts of terrorism online, the Department of Homeland Security in a new memo reported by The Daily Beast this week.

"The calls for attacks have specifically targeted the LGBTQIA+ community, journalists, the White House, and perceived enemies of Islam in recent weeks, according to the memo," said the report. "The agency also reported an uptick in demands for attacks against law enforcement, government, and military entities.

"Violent extremists have been providing guidance on how to conduct these attacks, including suggesting the use of Molotov cocktails, firearms, and arson," the Daily Beast reported.

According to the report, a lot of the communication has spread on Twitter and Facebook, as well as on communication services like Whatsapp and Telegram, the encrypted platform loved by extremists.

"Some of the content calls for attacks during Ramadan, while others focus on calling for violence against the LGBTQIA+ community following the Nashville shooting," said the report, noting that impetus was the shooter in that incident reportedly identifies as transgender. "The threats include calls to use explosives to sabotage an oil project in Alaska, or to attack law enforcement and journalists, the memo states."

In particular, said the report, "The document highlights some pro-Al-Qaeda media outlets that have allegedly been spreading photos of U.S. citizens visiting Yemen, with guidance to kill Americans — while other media focused on attacking substations in the United States."

All of this comes after a recent series of terrorist attacks on infrastructure in the United States, including neo-Nazi attacks power substations to disrupt the electric grid.