'A stew of awfulness': Terrorism expert connects the dots between right-wing terrorism and attacks on women's rights

MSNBC counterterrorism expert and former FBI agent Clint Watts on Thursday connected the dots between right-wing terrorism and attacks on women's rights.

During an interview with MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace, Watts noted that members of the far-right are now openly praising Vladimir Putin.

"It's all of this sort of irony underneath of it that's hard to wrap your head around when you read what they're saying, when you see what they're talking about but is straight authoritarianism," Watts explained. "It is fascism at its core and it's ultimately about a white nationalism. I think that's consistent across all of it."

He then pointed out how far-right groups seem to relish attacking women and minorities as part of their authoritarian doctrine.

"Part of the reason that you see a lot of this rhetoric to the officer who defended against Ashli Babbitt is because he's African-American. it is tied up in race issues," he explained. "The same thing happens with women that come and speak out, you see a lot of misogynist rhetoric that pops up."

"It is targeted in that way," Watts continued. "All minorities, all minority religions, against women is a stew of awfulness you would never have dreamed of in your life and could never have happened without the internet and social media."


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