Biden DOJ to sue Texas over its anti-abortion law 'as soon as Thursday': WSJ
Joe Biden (Screen Capture)

The United States Supreme Court may have punted on Texas's anti-abortion law for now, but the United States Department of Justice is reportedly preparing to come at it with guns blazing.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that "the Justice Department could file a lawsuit as soon as Thursday" against Texas's new law, which offers citizens $10,000 bounties if they successfully file lawsuits against anyone in the state who performs or even assists in an abortion procedure.

"The Justice Department is expected to pursue an argument that the Texas law illegally interferes with federal interests," the Journal's sources claim. "The precise nature of those arguments couldn't immediately be learned."

President Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland both vowed to use the power of the federal government to combat the Texas law, which was allowed to go into effect earlier this month after the Supreme Court declined to block it.