'They are going to hang you!' Unhinged woman harasses 'communist' Texas judge over mask order

An unhinged mask-hating Texas woman this week filmed herself harassing Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff while he was grocery shopping because she did not like his recent ruling that kept school mask mandates in place.

San Antonio Express-News reports that the woman, a hairstylist who calls herself Ashley Rocks on social media, followed Wolff around as he exited the grocery store and berated him for keeping mask mandates in schools.

She informed her fellow shoppers that Wolff was a "communist" and then made a series of violent insinuations.

"You won't be able to walk in the streets for long," she told him. "You are going to go to jail. They are going to hang you. Treason and crimes against humanity. You are going down. Better enjoy your freedom while it lasts, buddy. Then you have to answer to God."

In reality, there is no conceivable law under which implementing a mask requirement during a pandemic could possibly be considered treason, which involves providing aid and comfort to a foreign country that is at war with the United States.

Wolff issued a statement to the Express-News discussing his reasons for maintaining the mask mandate.

"I realize, after a year and a half, we all are experiencing COVID fatigue from wearing masks and other public health guidelines," Wolff said. "Now is the not the time to stop and let our guard down."

Watch the video below.