Texas cop fired after she was found to have participated in Jan. 6 riot
A Capitol Police officer stands guard in front of the US Capitol Building, on June 14, 2017 (AFP)

The Bexar County Sheriff's Office announced Wednesday that they'd fired a lieutenant who was at the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, reported KENS5.

Roxanne Mathai has been suspended for the past six months pending an investigation, but it was announced Wednesday she was being dismissed. Mathai is an avid Trump supporter who went to the rally and then walked to the Capitol. She posted photos and videos of the incident on her social media pages, leading Sheriff Javier Salazar to inform her he sent screenshots to the FBI.

"She was an excited Trump supporter at a historical rally," Mathai's attorney, Hector Cortes, said in Jan. "And, as everybody does these days on social media, she took pictures. She posted pictures of herself and her excitement on the way."

Mathai didn't appear to breach the Capitol or attack any other officers but it has still been a problem for the department.

"At some point the assembly became unlawful, and, at another point, she was still there, and she documented that with pictures," Sheriff Salazar explained. "We're going to hold her accountable for the most we possibly can."

She has filed a grievance against her dismissal, but the county's sheriff's office said the decision was upheld.