Texas Democrat nails 'absurd' Greg Abbott threat not to pay lawmakers if they deny voter suppression
Rep. Chris Turner and Gov. Greb Abbott (Photo: Screen captures)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has threatened to withdraw all pay for lawmakers in the state House and Senate if they don't hold a vote on the GOP's voter suppression efforts. The problem, however, is that isn't exactly a threat.

Speaking to MSNBC, State Rep. Chris Turner, a Democrat, implied that Democrats didn't care about money, they're standing up for voting rights.

"My understanding is you make like $600 a month, so it's not like -- what do you make of his threats?" asked MSNBC host Joy Reid.

"That is true. That is our salary, a per diem too in session. Look, I think it's absurd," said Rep. Turner. "It's co-equal branch of government to the governor. The idea that the governor can zero out the legislature is absurd. So, I don't know what the governor is talking about."

He said that if the governor wants to call a special session he should deal with the skyrocketing number of uninsured Texans and address the failures of the winter storm.

"Those things the governor should be focused on, not passing voter suppression bills and worried about legislative appropriations," he explained.

See the interview below:

Texas Democrat calls BS on Greg Abbott threat www.youtube.com