‘Insult to Neanderthals’: Texas governor ridiculed for whine about Biden accusing him of 'neanderthal thinking'

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott reopened the state "100 percent" this week, despite COVID-19 continuing to run through the state killing thousands. The news came as President Joe Biden revealed that there will be enough coronavirus vaccinations to inoculate every American by the end of May.

When asked about states like Texas and Mississippi reopening, Biden called it "neanderthal thinking," which triggered Gov. Abbott.

Taking to Fox News, Abbott complained falsely that Biden was spreading COVID because he is letting immigrants come flooding over the border. The logic prompted many to question Abbott, who reopened the state where thousands more are testing positive each day all over the state.

If Abbott was correct that migrants were causing COVID in south Texas, the infections would be in South Texas. Instead, the spikes are coming from metropolitan areas like Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and in parts of the panhandle.

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The absurdity caused many to flock to Twitter blaming Abbott for trying to distract from his own failings and blame others for irresponsible leadership.

Meanwhile, Texas might be open, but Abbott hasn't reopened tours to the Governor's Mansion.

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