Texas landlord who threatened tenant with a gun is arrested and charged

A Texas landlord who was caught on video using a gun to threaten a tenant has been arrested and charged, WFAA reports.

Denton Police charged 68-year-old Phillip Young with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and family violence.

Police were called to the residence when the tenant reported that Young was threatening him with a gun. Young denied the accusation and refused to show officers the gun.

When the tenant initially declined to pursue charges, police handed the case over to detectives, who followed up with the tenant who said he would cooperate with the prosecution if charges were filed. The tenant also recorded the incident on video, which shows Young clearly trying to intimidate him with a gun.

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Young denied that he intended to shoot the tenant, but in an email sent to detectives on Sept. 26, he admitted that he did think about pulling the trigger during the confrontation.

Young was arrested on Wednesday and is currently in the Denton County Jail.

Watch the video below: