Texas school district apologizes after asking teachers to examine 'opposing views' about the Holocaust
Adolf Hitler (Wikimedia Commons)

A Texas school district has issued an apology one day after its executive director of curriculum instructed teachers to promote reading materials that offer "opposing views" about the Holocaust.

In a Facebook post, the Carroll Independent School District admitted that the administrator erred when she made the recommendations about teaching two different sides to the systematic murder of 6 million Jews during World War II.

"During the conversations with teachers during last week's meeting, the comments made were in no way to convey that the Holocaust was anything less than a terrible event in history," wrote Carroll Superintendent of Schools Lane Ledbetter. "Additionally, we recognize there are not two sides of the Holocaust."

The administrator's remarks came in response to a recent bill passed by the Texas legislature that demands students be presented with opposing viewpoints when it comes to "widely debated and currently controversial."

Ledbetter emphasized, however, that "as we continue to work through implementation of HB3979, we also understand this bill does not require an opposing viewpoint on historical facts."