'Insane': MSNBC anchor shreds Texas Republicans for denying parents the right to know of infections in schools

On Friday, taking to Twitter, MSNBC's "All In" anchor Chris Hays tore into Texas Republicans for not even requiring that parents have any right to information about COVID-19 outbreaks happening in their schools that might be infecting their children.

"The Texas GOP position that parents do not have a right to know if there is a covid case in their kid's class is now in competition with DeSantis ban on cruise ships requiring vaccines as the most insane covid policy to date," wrote Hayes. "Also, the politics of this is the least important part of it but if it were liberals making this policy for some kind of lefty reason, it's the kind of thing the right would go absolutely ape-sh*t over."

This week, the Texas Tribune reported that the state guidelines for schools reopening will not require contact tracing for COVID-19 cases — a decision that attracted immediate controversy, given that reporting is already required even for things like headlice outbreaks in Texas schools.