'You don't want to mess with this thing': Texas senator pleads with constituents after he and his granddaughter contract Covid

A vaccinated Texas Democrat begged followers to get vaccinated after his young granddaughter and other family members got COVID-19, KXAN reported.

Texas Sen. José Menéndez explained in a Twitter video Sunday that his loved ones are suffering along with many other Texans who contracted the virus.

"Take it from someone who's gone through it: you don't want to mess with this thing," the San Antonio Democrat said.

Menéndez announced his and his granddaughter's diagnosis on Aug. 8, explaining how upset he was.

It all began two weeks ago when she came to his home for a visit and contracted a fever. She was tested at the emergency room and the family got the results the following day, but the virus had already spread through the house, infecting the senator and three other family members.

Luckily, most of his family members were asymptomatic. But he got sick.

"I, unfortunately, suffered very high fevers, chills, uncontrollable shaking, difficulty breathing, difficulty avoiding severe congestion, tightness in your chest," Menéndez explained in the video. "I believe that, had I had not been vaccinated, I'd probably be in an ICU, or I may not even be here."

His granddaughter, however, had a fever and congestion for a few days, but now she's doing great, he said.

Things likely would have been a lot worse if he hadn't been vaccinated, Menéndez also relayed to those who are still refusing to get vaccinated.

See the video below: