Texas governor whines Dems standing up for voting rights is 'the most un-Texan thing you’ve ever heard'

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott complained about Texas Democrats during a Friday evening appearance on Fox News.

Earlier in the day, Democrats in the Texas legislature fled the state to prevent Republicans from having a quorum to pass voter suppression bills. Many flew to Washington, D.C. to pressure Senate Democrats to pass the For The People Act.

"Isn't that the most Un-Texan thing you've ever heard, Texans running from a fight," he said only months after Sen. Ted Cruz fled to Cancun, Mexico during a fatal winter storm. "They're quitters."

Abbott also vowed he would "continue calling special session after special session" if Democrats continued to deny Republicans a quorum.

Rep. Chris Turner, who chairs the House Democratic caucus, was asked about that happening after landing in Washington, the Texas Tribune reports.

"That's our message to Congress," Turner said. "We need them to act now."