Texas teacher ignites an uproar after claiming she is being fired for promoting Christianity
Nellie Parrish (Wylie Independent School District)

Nellie Parrish, a fourth-grade teacher at Wylie Independent School District in Texas, has received multiple complaints about her expressing her Christian faith in the classroom. Now, she's wondering why her contract to teach wasn't renewed for next year, KXXV-TV reports.

Speaking in front of the school board this week, Parrish asked why there was no transparency in her firing.

“I’ve asked repeatedly why I’m being let go," said Parrish. "The principal will not answer me."

Parrish said the school would play Christian music in the cafeteria and holds prayers before football games.

“What has happened to us?" Parrish said. "We used to stand for our faith."

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Now, people in her community are coming to her defense.

"What is happening at Wylie ISD, specifically to Nellie Parrish right now is absolutely disgusting," one parent posted on Facebook.

But the Wylie ISD superintendent is disputing her claims, saying her the notion that she was religiously discriminated against is "unfounded."

"Nellie Parrish’s contract termination was not because of prayer or Christianity," said Light. "This is false information and district personnel matters will not be discussed due to privacy."

"District termination policies were followed," said Light.

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