Mike Lindell’s ‘Thanks-A-Thon’ expert admits voting machines aren’t actually connected to the internet
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According to Mike Lindell, Thanksgiving was supposed to be the day that former President Donald Trump was brought back into the White House. The Supreme Court was supposed to usher Trump in based on the lawsuit that Lindell filed. It was going to be the most explosive revelation ever. It hasn't worked out that way.

Lindell revealed his lawsuit this week ahead of the holiday but didn't even name a plaintiff to sue the states he took issue with. He claimed that no attorneys general in the United States wanted to work with him. The Supreme Court snubbed him, he claimed, but the reality is he didn't even file the lawsuit.

Thursday, he held his infamous Thanks-a-thon, a kind of hours-long telethon where he'd celebrate a victory that never came. Like the play "Waiting for Godot," Lindell continues to wait for an outcome that never arrives. At the end of the play, one character says, "let's go," The other agrees, "let's go." The stage direction says, "they do not move." The implication is that they wait for the infamous Godot forever, just as Lindell continues to wait for Trump to be miraculously re-established as the president without an election.

In one case, Lindell welcomed an expert in electronic voting machines. Even his own expert agreed that the machines aren't actually connected to the internet.

"They are all machines... they all are built to do the same thing and that's steal elections," Lindell persisted.

If his theory were true, it would mean that to hack the election, the "hacker" would have to go to each electronic voting machine in each polling place in every state.

He then went through each of the electronic voting machine companies and called them out by name. Lindell is currently facing a multi-billion-dollar lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems for disparaging the company with his conspiracy theories.

See the Lindell video below:

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