'That's pretty damning': Florida state attorney says alleged sex receipts are bad news for Matt Gaetz

A state attorney from Florida who has known Rep. Matt Gaetz's (R-FL) father for years told CNN on Friday that the reported evidence collected against the scandal-plagued GOP congressman so far looks "pretty damning."

Dave Aronberg, who is currently serving as State Attorney for Palm Beach County, told CNN's John Avlon that he's surprised to see Gaetz ensnared in so much trouble given that his father, Don Gaetz, is a widely respected political figure in the state.

"He's an old-school politician, buttoned down, refers to people very formally, and gives respect to people on both sides," Aronberg said. "Matt was very different. He was very brash and bombastic, loves to troll people, which is why he's made so many enemies. He's got a list of enemies a mile long."

Avlon then pointed to a New York Times report alleging that investigators have receipts showing that Gatez used the Apple Pay mobile payment platform to pay women for sex.

Aronberg said that such evidence would be a body blow to Gaetz's potential defense.

"If you have the cash receipts, that's pretty damning," he said.

Watch the video below.