'Full MAGA' Pennsylvania candidate exposed as a fraud by former RNC official

Efforts by Pennsylvania U.S. Senate hopeful David McCormick to transform from the CEO of the world's largest hedge fund into a "full MAGA" candidate ran into a brick wall after former RNC official and Bulwark columnist Tim Miller uncovered an interview from after the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

"What could the Full MAGA possibly entail?" Miller wondered. "After not all that much digging, I found that McCormick had agreed to an interview at Bloomberg’s 'The Year Ahead' virtual summit three weeks after the siege of the Capitol. The description of this event seemed somewhat globalist cuckesque to me, so I was anxious to hear what it sounded like when Mr. McCormick spoke truth to power on behalf of We the People."

McCormick's response to a question about moving forward after the insurrection, in Miller's listening, "sure doesn’t seem to be on message for the Breitbart crowd. Nothing about Antifa false flags, or 'late night dumps,' or great patriots. It doesn’t feel MAGA."

But what Miller described as the "good sh*t" came when McCormick was asked about jettisoning Trump.

"Well, um, I’d say that it’s extremely important to recognize that President Trump tapped into that level of frustration and anxiety, you cannot wave your hands and that goes away, that’s very meaningful and those frustrations and anxieties remain unaddressed. So embracing that, and the feeling that that sector of our country needs to be well understood and brought into the fold, is a thing I think we have to embrace going forward," McCormick said. "I think what we have to not embrace is the divisiveness that’s characterized the last four years and the polarization, and I think the president has some responsibility, a lot of responsibility for that, and I think that this last dark chapter at the Capitol . . . history will look very unfavorably on that and all the people that were involved in that."

Miller said it sounded like a Mitt Romney interview.

"McCormick describes the MAGA base as 'that sector,' as if he is analyzing the prospects of an ETF category in his portfolio," he wrote. "He states explicitly that Trump didn’t address this sector’s legitimate concerns during his four years in office. Then he says that Trump has 'a lot of responsibility' for the divisiveness in the country and that history will look unfavorably on him and everyone else involved in the insurrection."

Miller concluded that McCormick "would be in the vein of all the corporate moderate squishes the Republican party put up in the pre-Trump years, with an added dollop of rhetoric about how leaders need to respond to the distressed-asset class of MAGA Americans."

That clashes with efforts to brand McCormick as a "full MAGA" candidate.

"And yet Breitbart and the other performative nationalists on McCormick’s payroll seem ready to shine that turd: The campaign’s high command plans to use their previous experience with Glenn Youngkin as the model to git ’er dun," Miller wrote. "Their theory of the case is that with unlimited resources, some shamelessness, a vow to put no other gods before Trump, and a bit of coaching on how to talk to the rubes, they can put shiny MAGA wrapping paper on this globalist, Jeb Bush-supporting, $20,000 fountain pen of a human."

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