'These people are unbelievable': Elise Stefanik blasted for having a double standard about classified documents
Elise Stefanik (Photo by Saul Loeb for AFP)

United States Representative Elise Stefanik (R-New York), the chair of the House Republican Conference, defended former President Donald Trump and ex-Vice President Mike Pence for having classified documents in their homes during a press conference on Tuesday. But when it came to the materials that were found in President Joe Biden's house, Stefanik sang an entirely different tune.

"In the case of Vice President Mike Pence, he came forward and proactively reached out and is following the process. In the case of Joe Biden, he has had classified documents going back to his time in the Senate where he started serving before I was born. So this is a long-standing national security threat," Stefanik said.

"Setting aside the very important fact that Hunter Biden also had access and used as his home address where those classified documents were improperly and illegally stored, this will be a part of the Oversight agenda and on the House Intelligence Committee," Stefanik continued. "We absolutely want to make sure we have all of the facts."

Stefanik then accused Biden of breaking the law and suggested without presenting any evidence that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is running cover for him and out to get Trump.

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"Well, let's highlight the difference here in what the consequences have been. You had the FBI raid Mar-a-Lago. You did not see any of that happen for President Joe Biden who illegally did this," Stefanik added.

"What also is different is President Trump as president has the right to declassify documents," Stefanik claimed. "So the media should cover the fact that the FBI has been weaponized against President Trump and clearly has covered up for sitting President Joe Biden."

Pence and Biden are fully cooperating with the government agencies probing their respective situations. Trump, however, did not, which resulted in the now-infamous search warrant execution at Mar-a-Lago by the FBI last August. Additionally, although Trump "had the right to declassify documents" while in office, he did not do so before taking the boxes that contained top-secret texts to his Florida golf club.

Frustrated observers on social media panned Stefanik's double standard as "soulless" and "shameful." Others remarked that she is "not a serious person" and that "these people are unbelievable. How do they not smell what they’re shoveling?"