‘This is not complicated’: Maddow blasts anti-vaxxers as yet another GOP-led state rations hospital care

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow was fed up with the unvaccinated overwhelming state hospital systems.

"We are following breaking news out of the great state of Alaska where Alaska's Republican governor, Mike Dunleavy has just announced that Alaska has now become the second state in the country to declare that all its hospitals statewide will now be shifting to crisis standards of care," Maddow reported.

"What that means, in English, is that hospital care is now being rationed at hospitals in Alaska. In practical terms, that means that people who are less likely to survive get moved down the priority list in terms of whether or not they get an ICU bed, whether or not they get certain intensive forms of treatment and care," she explained. "People less likely to survive will not get those resources, they will be moved down the line."

Maddow noted the crisis is not just in Alaska, but two other states with GOP governors.

She said that crisis standards of care "is a thing that we really haven't confronted before as a country. Now we've got it in place, though, in one of Montana's major medical centers — they moved to crisis standards of care this week. We've also got it in every hospital in the state in Idaho as of last week and in every hospital in the state in Alaska as of tonight."

Maddow said the unvaccinated were "effectively breaking the hospital systems in these states" and she warned other states are "teetering on the brink."

She went on to criticize those who say getting vaccinated is a personal decision.

"To put it in blunt terms, the personal decision by someone in Alaska to not get vaccinated right now ultimately results in someone else dying in Anchorage because that person can't get the dialysis treatment that would save their life and that they would otherwise be able to get if it weren't for the hospitals being overwhelmed by people who are sick specifically and only because they chose not to get the shot to protect them from Covid," Maddow said.

"Your decision whether or not to get vaccinated can be a life or death determining factor for somebody else who did get vaccinated, but gets in a car wreck or needs dialysis, or needs a heart catheterization procedure, something that they won't be able to get because of all the unvaccinated people filling up the hospitals," she explained. "This is not complicated math, and it is not -- yeah, it may be a personal decision, but it's a decision that has consequences way beyond your personal corporeal self."


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