Judge denies motion to admit Oath Keeper's 'death list' in Jan. 6 trial
Thomas Caldwell at the U.S. Capitol Jan. 6 (Photo: DOJ documents)

United States District Judge Amit Mehta on Thursday said that he would not allow a jury to hear evidence that an Oath Keeper accused of attacking the U.S. Capitol kept a "death list" of people he wanted to kill.

According to reports earlier this week, investigators found the list at the home of Oath Keeper Thomas Caldwell just days after the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

The list was said to include at least one Georgia election official.

But Mehta ruled that the government could not introduce the evidence to the jury on Thursday.

Lawfare journalist Roger Parloff reported that the judge said that the list "has nothing to do with this conspiracy ... never any suggestion that this conspiracy involved violence over past conduct."

"Mehta believes the relevance of the note is low and risk of bias is high. Caldwell's 'Death List' will not be allowed as evidence," Law and Crime News editor Marisa Sarnoff wrote.

Attorney Renato Mariotti called it a "good ruling" by Mehta.

"But because prosecutors [indicated] that they will try to introduce the 'death list' in response to cross-examination and argument, defense counsel have to keep that in mind the rest of the way, because prosecutors can renew their motion," Mariotti advised.