'This idiocy makes my head hurt': Internet stunned after GOP congressman posts 'the single dumbest thing ever'

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) has both undergraduate and post-graduate degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), but the GOP lawmaker was ridiculed for his lack of reasoning after he posted an outrageous attack on Medicare.

" Over 70% of Americans who died with COVID, died on Medicare, and some people want Medicare for All?" he asked on Wednesday.

Massie made the elementary mistake of confusing correlation with causation. Were people who died of coronavirus more likely to have Medicare health insurance? Yes. Did having Medicare cause COVID fatalities? No.

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One key trait of COVID-19 is that it primarily killed older people, regardless of country or health insurance provider.

NPR reported in December that "people 65 and up make up 75 percent of all COVID-19 deaths in the U.S." Medicare is the government health insurance program for Americans over 65, so of course there is a correlation. But it no way does it imply any causation.

Massie's smear of the popular and successful program was ridiculed online. Here's some of what people were saying:

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