'I didn't see any violence': Kentucky lawmaker dismisses CNN reporter trying to pin him down on Capitol riot

On Thursday, CNN congressional reporter Manu Raju pressed Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) about the Capitol riot — and Massie flatly refused to acknowledge that former President Donald Trump's conspiracy theories about the election result were false, or that any violence came out of them.

"Do you agree with Donald Trump that the election was rigged or stolen somehow?" asked Raju.

"We didn't have hearings, there's no way to litigate that up here if you're in the minority," said Massie. "The DOJ wouldn't investigate it—"

"They said there's no evidence of widespread fraud," cut in Raju.

"That's your opinion," the congressman replied.

"No, that's what the Justice Department said," Raju pressed him. "Even [Trump appointee] Jeffrey Rosen testified that—"

"I just told you, the DOJ didn't prosecute it, that's Trump's DOJ," said Massie.

"Are you concerned that by suggesting there's something wrong, it could lead to more violence?" asked Raju, as Massie moved to walk away.

"I didn't see any violence," said Massie, turning back as he left.

Watch below: