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TikTok promotes child marriage to teen accounts, highlighting laws allowing foreigners to have child brides

On Monday, news reports heralded the social media app TikTok for aiding the rescue of a kidnapped North Carolina teen. The teen signaled to a passing car using a hand signal she learned from the app, and a driver caught on and notified police.

The story shows the power TikTok can have in young Americans' lives, and what the platform can teach them.

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Nike, Cinnabon and 'Got Milk': Brands help TikTok monetize videos of hospitalized anorexic girls

Warning: This article contains graphic descriptions of eating disorder treatments and hospitalizations, and may be triggering for some readers. To avoid images referencing self-harm, Raw Story included only brands' ads in this piece.

Twenty eight years ago, an enterprising ad executive working for the California Milk Processor Board came up with a slogan that was nearly discarded. "It's not even English," one executive recalled. Agency staff considered it lazy, not to mention grammatically incorrect.

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TikTok's extremism problem: App recommends jihad, white supremacy and anti-Semitism to teens

"You will fight the Jews!" "Welcome to the life of jihad." "Your mum will smile at you burning in the hellfire!"

While these might sound like quotes delivered at a madrasa in Pakistan, they're not. They're quotes TikTok recommended to an account Raw Story set up as if it were 13 years old, the age of a typical American eighth grader, within 24 hours of signing up for the app.

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Exclusive: Apple, Amazon and Marvel: How TikTok monetizes teens cutting themselves

Warning: This article contains descriptions of individuals discussing self-harm and eating disorders and may be triggering for some readers. Raw Story has included only mild photos, as images of actual teens in crisis on TikTok cannot be published. Have tips about TikTok or internal documents about tech companies? Email techtips@rawstory.com.

ATLANTA — In August, Apple, the world's largest company by market capitalization, announced it would begin scanning uploaded photos for child pornography. The company also said it would warn teens who send nude photographs about the dangers of sharing sexually explicit images.

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#Paintok: The bleak universe of suicide and self-harm videos TikTok serves young teens

Warning: This article contains discussion of suicide, accounts of self-harm and eating disorders and may be triggering for some readers. Have tips or internal documents about tech companies? Email techtips@rawstory.com.

"Suicide was on my mind, and and you was shouting about how messy my room was." "I'll put your name on a bullet, so that everyone will know that you were the last thing that went through my head."

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TikTok recommends serial killers and gun accessories to 13-year-old accounts

Last month, after the Wall Street Journal revealed that social media app TikTok served drug and bondage videos to teenage accounts, TikTok said it "in no way represents the behavior and viewing experience of a real person."

"Protecting minors is vitally important," a spokeswoman said, "and TikTok has taken industry-first steps to promote a safe and age-appropriate experience for teens."

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