Judge quashes MAGA clerk’s arrest warrant — but will treat her ‘like all other criminal defendants’
Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters speaks in front of the Mesa County Justice Center in Grand Junction on Jan. 13, 2022. (Sharon Sullivan for Colorado Newsline)

Indicted Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters is no longer facing an arrest warrant after she traveled to Nevada in violation of her bond condition.

"Mesa County District Court Judge Matthew David Barrett said he was giving Peters, a Republican, a second chance in part because her criminal defense attorney, Harvey Steinberg, took responsibility for Peters not knowing about a court order Monday prohibiting her from leaving Colorado without permission, the Colorado Sun reported Friday. "Barrett ruled that Peters must inform the court and receive permission to travel out of state in the future, but otherwise kept her bond conditions intact."

The judge worried that Peter has access to private jet travel.

“It will not happen again. She has resources to disappear," Barrett said. “Defendant is a flight risk, period."

Peters traveled to Las Vegas to attend a Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association conference.

"During her speech in Las Vegas, Ms. Peters claimed that Representative Lauren Boebert, a Republican who is also from western Colorado, had dinner with multiple people who helped carry out the plot to copy election data," The New York Timesreported Thursday. "Benjamin Stout, the communications director for Ms. Boebert, said on Thursday that Ms. Peters’s 'claims are untrue.'"