Indicted Colorado clerk refuses to concede after losing SecState bid: 'It's not over'
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Controversial Mesa County clerk Tina Peters is refusing to concede after losing her efforts to secure the GOP nomination for secretary of state in Colorado.

"Anderson beat Tina Peters, the embattled County Clerk from Mesa County. Anderson took 44.7% of the votes; Mike O’Donnell took 28.8%; and Peters secured 26.5%," CBS Denver reported.

The Associated Press also projected Anderson won.

Colorado Public Radio reported Peters, "gained a national profile for allegedly violating the security of her office's election equipment to allow an authorized person to hunt for evidence of fraud. She is currently under criminal indictment and has been banned from overseeing elections in her county this year."

But Denver Post reporter Saja Hindi reported, "Peters said they won't back down, won't give up, no matter what the results are."

Peters, a 2020 election denier, offered a conspiracy theory about the election.

"Tina Peters is now speaking after AP calls the SOS GOP primary for Pam Anderson," Hindi reported. "She says the numbers are flipped and the results are fraudulent. 'It's not over,' she said."

Colorado Public Radio photojournalist Hart Van Denburg posted a photo from Peters' party.