Trump-loving city counselor exits meeting after colleagues bash him for his anti-mask tantrums
Huntington Beach City Council member Tito Ortiz. (Screen cap / YouTube)

A Trump-loving member of the Huntington Beach City Council in California this week left a meeting after his colleagues bashed him for throwing a tantrum over being asked to wear a mask at in-person meetings.

East Bay Times reports that council member Tito Ortiz, a Trump-supporting former mixed martial arts fighter, told colleagues this week that he wanted to restart in-person meetings, but that he still would not bow to their request that he wear a mask to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

"I'll show up and do my job," he said in defending his defiance on mask wearing. "And if I get escorted out by police that's you guys' choice."

After a colleague criticized him for his refusal to wear a mask, Ortiz grew defensive.

"I mean, it's our body it's our choice," he complained. "I'm not sick. I've never been sick. I'm not going to get anybody sick and if I have chills or the cold or sniffles or a headache or fever, anything like that I'll go on Zoom, I have no problem doing that."

Huntington Beach Mayor Kim Carr, however, signaled that she did not want to restart in-person meetings if Ortiz would simply use them to pull off political stunts.

"I am not going to allow a spectacle," Carr told him. "Your plan is to create a commotion."

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