Tom Barrack gets a new 9-count indictment for scoring $374 million from UAE to allegedly push policy to Trump and the GOP
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The new indictments for top Donald Trump Inaugural Committee president and fundraiser, Tom Barrack, were filed Monday and published publicly on Tuesday showing nine new charges.

One part of the court documents cite the influence Barrack had on former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who allegedly took Barrack's information and demanded a change to the Republican Party platform at the Republican National Convention meeting in 2016 involving the Saudi Royal Family.

The documents say: "The email from Person 1 advised that language 'that was anti the Saudi Royal Family was removed from the platform' of the U.S. political committee associated with the Candidate. The removed language had 'called for the release of 28 pages of sensitive documents gathered during the' investigation of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, which 'allegedly contain information that asserts involvement by the Saudi Government/Royals[.]'"

Legal analyst Marcy Wheeler noted that the documents do not include any of Barrack's not-yet-charged co-conspirators. There were previous suspicions that they would. There were specific questions about Manafort's role with Barrack. Manafort was previously pardoned by President Donald Trump, but such a pardon would not apply to any forthcoming indictments.

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Another section of the document details Barrack's "efforts to obtain investments from the United Arab Emirates Sovereign Wealth Funds."

Barrack then secretly lobbied Trump in his ongoing trips to the White House after Trump was in office, the indictment says.