GOP's Tom Cotton repeatedly cuts off America's first Black defense secretary as he fumes over diversity training

During a hearing this Thursday, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) rattled off a list of examples of what he says is law enforcement and the military introducing "woke" ideology into their training systems that "rewrites America's history" and paints America as a systemically racist country.

He then turned to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin -- who happens to be America's first Black Defense Secretary -- and asked him, "Do you believe that our military is a fundamentally racist organization? Yes or no, please."

"Well, I won't give you a yes or no answer on that, sir, because it deserves more than a yes or no," Austin replied. "The military, like any organization, will have its challenges. I do not believe it is a fundamentally racist organization."

Cotton interrupted, saying time was limited, and then asked if any member of the military "should be treated differently based in their skin color or sex? Again, yes or no will do."

"Again, this question deserves more than a yes or no answer," Austin replied, before Cotton cut him off again.

"Mr. Secretary, I'm sorry to cut you off, our time is limited," Cotton said. "It is a very simply question. Should a member of the organization you lead be treated differently -- in violation of the Constitution, I would add -- based on their sex or the color of their skin?"

"No, I do not believe that, and that is why we have diversity, equity, and inclusion focus in the military," Austin shot back.

Watch the full exchange below:

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