'Can't even get an honest push up out of a politician': Chuck Grassley and Tom Cotton mocked for display of fitness

In a bizarre story Tuesday night, Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Tom Cotton (R-AR) broke out into push-ups during a fundraising event in Iowa. It's unclear why the display of masculinity was necessary before an audience of 200 passionate Iowans, but it was performed.

Cotton, who was an Army Ranger, should be no stranger to push-ups, which led former member of Parliament Louise Mensch to ask why his were so meager. Grassley, who is 87 years old now, needed help getting up after the display. Others who agreed noted that they couldn't even manage to get an honest push-up out of a politician this day in age.

Presumably, the talk about his "workout" and the push-up display was an effort by Grassley to prove that he isn't too old to serve in the Senate. He'll be 89 by the time his next election rolls around in 2022. The only Senator older is California's Dianne Feinstein, who has faced calls from her own party to step down.

"The stop was punctuated by an only-in-Iowa ending: Cotton and longtime Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley went through Grassley's workout routine on stage, doing 22 push-ups face-to-face while the state's other Republican senator, Joni Ernst, counted them off," said CNN.com in a report.