WATCH: Alabama city councilman under fire after blurting out a racial slur during meeting
Council member Tommy Bryant. (Screenshot)

A council member for the city of Tarrant in Alabama is under fire after he stood up and loudly asked, "Do we have a house n***er in here?" during a city council meeting on Monday night, Bama Politics reports.

The comment from council member Tommy Bryant was in response to an audience member who accused his wife of using the N-word on Facebook.

According to Bama Politics, Bryant's use of the racial slur came when a citizen identified as Chuck appears to defend Bryant, accusing the other city council members of targeting him. "For the next few minutes, Bryant takes the floor and his points are scattered. Bryant and [Mayor Wayman Newton] have a few back and forth exchanges and Bryant complains about being interrupted by others in the past," Bama Politics reports. "Just after the 1 hour and 38-minute mark in the video, Newton takes the floor and brings up Bryant's wife and her social media posts. From there, the exchange grows with another city council member commenting about his wife's social media posts and Bryant defending himself stating that his wife does not speak for him."

At one point, an unidentified person in the audience alleged that Bryant's wife used the N-word on Facebook, which led to Bryant using the slur.

"Let's get to the n-word," he said, adding, "Do we have a house n***er in here", while pointing to city council member Veronica Freeman.

Watch the video below. The full video can be viewed here.

Tarrant, AL City Council Member Tommy Bryant Racial Slur Clip