Virginia school board member who serves as 'wokeness checker' frantically tries to ban Toni Morrison: report

A member of a school board in Virginia Beach runs a so-called "Wokeness Checker" website -- and she's been sending out frantic missives trying to get local schools to ban books by iconic Black American author Toni Morrison.

The Daily Beast reports that Virginia Beach at-large school board member Victoria Manning has been on a crusade to get books that she believes teach critical race theory taught out of school curriculum, including Toni Morrison books that she believes are "pornographic."

"It has been brought to my attention by some parents that there are some disturbing books in our district that are available to students," Manning wrote to Virginia Beach City Public Schools Superintendent Aaron Spence. "I would like to ask that you pull these books from shelves and also block any electronic access by students to getting these books IMMEDIATELY."

Manning and her allies singled out Morrison's "The Bluest Eye" as a particularly "disturbing" title. Other books on Manning's hit list include Jonathan Evison's "Lawn Boy" and Ernest Gaines's "A Lesson Before Dying."

Manning has been maintaining a "Wokeness Checker" website where local parents can snitch on teachers whom they believe are promoting critical race theory, writes The Daily Beast.

In a statement posted on the "Wokeness Checker" page, Manning argues that "Wokeness and Critical Race Theory (CRT) practices are becoming embedded in our nation's schools, including here in Virginia Beach."

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