Top election official in Texas who was briefly part of Trump's legal team resigns
John Scott. (Official Photo)

A top election official in Texas who was briefly a part of Donald Trump's effort to overturn the 2020 election resigned this Monday, The Guardian reports.

Despite being part of Trump's legal team, Secretary of State John Scott later said that he believes Joe Biden was the legitimate winner in 2020.

"Right away, Scott was tasked with trying to give Texas voters confidence in election results and the ability to cast a ballot after Republicans passed a sweeping new voting law just weeks before his appointment," The Guardian's report states. "But those efforts got off to a bumpy start during Texas’s first-in-the-nation primary as voters struggled to navigate new mail voting requirements, resulting in counties throwing out nearly 23,000 mail ballots."

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Scott’s office said there were no major issues during the November midterms. “By listening directly to the concerns of local election officials, voters, and grassroots activists from across the political spectrum, I was able to understand how to better educate Texas voters about their most sacred civic duty,” he said in his resignation letter.

Scott plans to return this his career as a lawyer. Scott previously claimed that his office regularly received threats from election deniers and was in contact with local election officials who were also receiving threats.

Read the full report at The Guardian.