‘Torture’: Fox & Friends’ Brian Kilmeade ramps up anti-vaxx rhetoric after Pelosi tests positive
Fox and Friends (Screen Grab)

"Fox & Friends" has decided to flex its anti-vaxx muscles again, as rates of COVID vaccinations dramatically slow amid what appears to have been a brief respite of the pandemic. But this week as many prominent Democrats including Speaker Nancy Pelosi (and GOP Senator Susan Collins) test positive for the coronavirus, the far right-wing cable network is back to downplaying the vital vaccine.

"You tell us the vaccine works, but then you stop talking about it, and everybody who's testing positive for it – like Jen Psaki – four shots. You wonder why people are having doubts about this whole two-year torture, condescending talk that we've been experiencing from that White House," raged co-host Biran Kilmeade.

"Nancy Pelosi, vaccinated and boosted, we do wish her well," added co-host Ainsley Earhardt. "We hope she's OK. We wonder if she's going to get the monoclonals."

Kilmeade interrupted, declaring, "I heard she's asymptomatic – most people are asymptomatic."

The vaccines, of course, are designed to prevent serious illness, hospitalization, and death. On that front, they continue to do excellent work. They also protect against contracting COVID, but nothing is 100 percent guaranteed. And as too many Americans, mostly conservatives, continue to refuse to get vaccinated – allowing variants to mutate and become more transmissible, more people are going to get infected.

What the Fox News crew almost never talk about are the after-effects of COVID. Months after contracting COVID many have difficulty breathing, coughs, lasting lung damage, some experience long-term cardiac effects, and more.