Toyota draws backlash for supporting GOP insurrectionists: 'So Toyota doesn't believe in democracy. Got it.'
Toyota dudebro (Photo: dealership advertisement)

The car company Toyota is drawing criticism from those on the left for releasing a statement saying that they'll continue to support insurrectionists in Congress.

Axios reported Sunday evening that Toyota handed over $55,000 to 37 GOP objectors this year, so far. But it was their statement that sent many fleeing from one of the early adopters to green energy.

"We do not believe it is appropriate to judge members of Congress solely based on their votes on the electoral certification," the Toyota spokesperson told Axios in a statement.

Toyota was one of the first companies to deploy hybrid vehicles, becoming a liberal icon with progressives prizing their Prius and sales skyrocketed, CNBC recalled in 2018. But sales began to slump, and now green-loving car buyers are looking for the all-electric option.

Now, many are calling for boycotts and denouncing the car company.

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