Trey Gowdy rips into 'really stupid' Republicans who won't pass red flag laws
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News host Trey Gowdy, a former Republican congressman, slammed fellow members of his party for opposing red flag laws after a 28-year-old shooter murdered six people at a Nashville school.

During a Tuesday appearance on Fox News, Gowdy expressed frustration at the growing number of school shootings.

"It should be about solutions, evidence-based solutions," the former lawmaker said. "Suicidal ideations, homicidal ideations, mental health issues, the overwhelming majority of mass killers suffer from that. So what does that scream out to us? Red flag laws. With due process, but red flag laws."

Gowdy attributed the shootings to a problem with the nation's "soul."

"So instead of having schools where kids go to a quasi-prison, how about we do something about a culture that requires us to have schools for kids to go to that look like prisons?" he remarked. "On the other hand, we've got to have some kind of conversation about what is wrong with the soul of this country that someone would kill a child."

"I just know that we have a soul problem in addition to a violence problem in this country," he insisted.

The former congressman also took a shot at his former colleagues in Congress.

"I mean, we can put people to death with due process in this country," he explained. "But yet we got people on one political side who say you can't take firearms under red flag laws because of due process concerns."

"I mean, that's really stupid," Gowdy said of Republicans. "We can take your life, but we can't take your firearm if you are having mental issues."

Gowdy said Democrats "obsess about gun show loopholes, and that won't stop a single mass killing."

The former congressman did not directly address President Joe Biden's proposed assault weapons ban.

Watch the video clip below from Fox News.