Convoy ridiculed for costing truckers thousands in diesel — then getting lost on the Beltway

The average semi-truck gets about 6.5 miles per gallon, said in an advice post for how to save fuel. TopMark also noted that claims that there are trucks that can somehow get 10 miles per gallon are "a fantastic pipedream."

At a time when the Fox network and Republican politicians are complaining about the high price of fuel, the trucker convoy is showing that the cost of fuel clearly isn't bad enough to deter their driving protest.

As some noticed, the convoy is going to be forced to pay out thousands for just a day of protest. The lowest price for diesel in Hagerstown, Maryland, is $3.93 per gallon, according to GasBuddy, and the highest is $4.56. So, at an average of $4.25 per gallon and the average trip from Hagerstown to I-495, and around the Beltway and back to Hagerstown, is about 184 miles.

That means each drive from Hagerstown, a loop around the Beltway, and back to Hagerstown will cost about $120.32 each trip for one truck. If there are 100 trucks that's over $12,000 in diesel fuel.

Given the disasters abroad, some are asking how many refugees fleeing Ukraine could get hot meals from the World Central Kitchen for that amount.

The truckers intend to increase the number of loops they will make each day. That means, on Monday, they will travel 248 miles for two loops. Day three will be 312 miles. By the end of the week, each truck in the convoy will be using up 440 miles in diesel, which will cost them approximately $287.69 for the trip. For just 20 trucks that's over $5,700. The convoy has raised over $1.5 million. If they count the cost for their return home, that means they're likely to run out of cash fairly quickly.

On Sunday, some of the group got lost and separated, which likely caused them to use up more fuel.

Meanwhile, the Right Side Broadcasting Network showed a three-hour video watching cars driving on the Beltway. Part of the shot was blurred by the fence it sat behind.

See the mockery of the convoy below: