Fight erupts among right-wing convoy truckers after rival faction hurls accusations of being 'pedo protectors': report
People's Convoy organizer vows to conduct 'citizens arrests' of DC Metro cops: report

Even though pandemic restrictions have been lifted for months now, right-wing truckers convoys are still protesting against them in Washington D.C.

The Daily Beast's Zachary Petrizzo, who has been monitoring live streams of the convoy rallies, reports that a major fight broke out between rival factions of convoy truckers on Thursday morning after one faction accused the other of being "pedo protectors."

The trouble began when the two factions launched a counter protest against the 1776 Restoration Movement convoy at the National Mall for supposedly going soft on child molesters.

Things got heated and eventually a member of the 1776 Restoration Movement pepper sprayed one of the counter protesters, which Petrizzo claims resulted in police showing up.

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A video of the incident shows a woman involved with the 1776 Restoration Movement repeatedly warning the counter protesters to stay out of the area or else she would pepper spray them.

They didn't listen and she promptly deployed pepper spray, which caused one of them to cry out in pain.

Watch the video below.