DC trucker convoy 'fails miserably again' despite vow to improve tactics: report
Trump supporters take part in 2020 convoy in Elon, NC (Twitter/screen grab)

Right-wing trucker convoy protesters once again tried to shut down the Beltway in Washington D.C. on Monday -- but according to The Daily Beast's Zachary Petrizzo, their efforts "failed miserably again."

As Petrizzo notes, convoy organizer Brian Brase vowed to "escalate" his group's tactics in the wake of a failed attempt to clog up the Beltway on Sunday.

Despite this, the truckers once again were unable to cause serious disruptions in the nation's capital.

"The truckers and a bevy of upside-down American flag-bearing support vehicles quickly became separated for the second day in a row," writes Petrizzo. "Adding insult to injury, near the Temple Hills and Landover exits, both a semi-truck and pickup truck in the convoy had broken down."

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Even so, the convoy leaders insisted they would "hold the line" in their protest, even though they have so far not succeeded in their endeavors.

The convoy was inspired by protests that occurred last month in Canada's capitol city of Ottawa, where some truckers demanded an end to vaccine mandates on international trucking routes.

However, the United States Supreme Court struck down President Joe Biden's vaccine mandate for private companies, and pandemic restrictions across the country have been rapidly winding down in recent weeks.