Court chaos continues as right-wing True the Vote leaders are thrown in jail

The two leaders of the far-right group True the Vote have been hauled off to jail as of Monday afternoon, according to Votebeat Texas.

Gregg Philips and Catherine Engelbrecht were told that until they follow a federal judge's order to identify the man they say is an FBI informant in a defamation case they must remain in jail.

The case involves a right-wing conspiracy theory about misconduct by the technology company Konnech, which has since sued True The Vote for defamation. They allege that the group is targeting their company in a viral social media campaign that is damaging their business and it has resulted in a barrage of threats against the CEO and his family.

Philips and Engelbrecht claimed that an unidentified man, allegedly an FBI agent, helped investigate the company for they say giving poll worker information to China. In fact, they're misconstruing an actual case in which the CEO, Eugene Yu is accused of compromising a very small amount of county employee voter data to China.

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"Of course, that criminal case does not show anything resembling the election fraud True the Vote has falsely claimed went down in the U.S." said Votebeat Texas.

The group is the same one behind the 2,000 mules movie that alleges a slew of unfounded election conspiracies.