Trump is creating landmines for GOP by backing candidates with 'messy personal histories': CNN reporter
Sean Parnell at a President Donald Trump rally on September 22, 2020, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. - Niyi Fote/TheNEWS2 via ZUMA Wire/TNS

On CNN Monday, reporter Sara Murray revealed how Republican strategists are worried former President Donald Trump's endorsement of candidates with "messy personal histories" could cost the GOP winnable races in 2022.

"Donald Trump defied political norms, and he's doing it again post-presidency, with a round of endorsements for candidates whose troubled histories have come under scrutiny," said Murray. "Trump throwing his supportbehind Herschel Walker's Senate campaign in Georgia, Sean Parnell in Pennsylvania, or Max Miller's quest for Congress in Ohio."

Murray then outlined why these endorsements were potential landmines for the GOP.

"Trump endorsing Miller, a former White House adviser and ex-boyfriend of Stephanie Grisham, even after Grisham says she told Donald and Melania Trump it was an abusive relationship," noted Murray.

Meanwhile, Trump has backed former football player Walker "even though [he] has been accused of threatening his ex-wife and friend of his ex-wife's in the early 2000s."

And "in Pennsylvania, one of Parnell's GOP opponents [is trying] to use two protection from abuse orders filed against Parnell by his estranged wife in 2017 and 2018 as political weapons."

Murray noted that despite GOP fears about the viability of all these candidates, "Donald Trump is not backing away from any of these endorsements. His spokesperson said he's 'proud to endorse patriots who love our country and he'll not be dissuaded from supporting great candidates despite smear campaigns.'"

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Sara Murray on Trump's endorsement of "troubled" candidates