‘He would foment more violence’: Grisham says she’s ‘terrified’ of ‘delusional’ ‘narcissist’ Trump running in 2024
Stephanie Grisham appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Warning he would "foment more violence" again, former Trump White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham in a new interview reveals she is "terrified" of Donald Trump running in 2024, and calls the former one-term, disgraced president "erratic," "delusional," and a "narcissist."

"I am terrified of him running in 2024," Grisham told ABC News in a new interview promoting her tell-all book.

"I don't think he is fit for the job," she added. "I think that he is erratic. I think that he can be delusional. I think that he is a narcissist and cares about himself first and foremost. And I do not want him to be our president again."

"I think he would foment more violence," Grisham continued. "He won't have consequences. He won't need to be reelected again."