GOP strategists privately 'scared' Trump is a 'slow-motion tsunami' who will end democracy: CNN reporter
Trump Rally Colorado Springs (Screen Capture)

On CNN Monday, reporter Jamie Gangel said that GOP strategists she is in contact with privately are terrified of what would happen if Donald Trump chose to run for president again.

"You heard Liz Cheney condemn fellow Republicans for selling Americans what she called the fraud, the Big Lie," said anchor Wolf Blitzer. "How worried are Republicans behind the scenes ... about a possible Trump 2024 run."

"On a scale of one to ten, a 12-plus," said Gangel. "They think this is a nightmare scenario. I spoke to one very senior Republican strategist who said to me that this is a slow-motion tsunami. That democracy as we know it is over. The question, obviously, is, is there a way to stop it? When I talk to my Republicans, some think that absolutely Trump is running and that you know, he could win... the big concern that I hear over and over again, Wolf, is that this fact that democracy is in peril is real. They consider it a five-alarm fire and they are really worried that too many Americans are in denial about how close to the edge we are."

Gangel then emphasized just how much GOP strategists fear a Trump run in 2024.

"My Republican sources are scared," she continued. "They are furious at Mitch McConnell. They feel he could have stopped this. But what they say every day is that every day that Donald Trump is out there doing these rallies, perpetuating the Big Lie, he is perpetuating a clear and present danger. And they are very worried about more violence."

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Jamie Gangel says GOP strategists are terrified of Trump running in 2024