Columnist exposes the 'sinister idea' behind Trump's new 'masterplan'
Donald J. Trump delivers remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando in 2021. (

Former President Donald Trump has been making rumblings about running for president again in 2024, and Atlantic columnist David Frum warns that he unveiled a "sinister idea" this week that will act as a guidepost for a hypothetical second term.

"Trump sketched out a vision that a new Republican Congress could enact sweeping new emergency powers for the next Republican president," he writes. "The president would be empowered to disregard state jurisdiction over criminal law. The president would be allowed to push aside a 'weak, foolish, and stupid governor,' and to fire 'radical and racist prosecutors' — racist here meaning 'anti-white.'"

Frum acknowledges that some of this might never pass Congress or even withstand the scrutiny of even the current right-wing Supreme Court if it did.

However, Frum argues that Trump has decided to double down on unaccountable authoritarianism should be regain power.

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"The one abiding interest of his life, revenge, will provide the impetus," he warns. "Next time, he will have the wholehearted support of a White House staff selected to enable him. Next time, he will have the backing in Congress of a party remade in his own image. Next time, he’ll be acting to ensure that his opponents never again get a 'next time' of their own."

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