Georgia Republicans sick of 'delusional' Trump
Brian Kemp and Donald Trump (Photo via White House)

Former President Donald Trump has cost Georgia Republicans dearly in two straight election cycles, and now they're pushing for someone else to be the party's nominee in 2024.

In interviews with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, elected Georgia Republicans and conservative activists called on the party to look somewhere else to be its nominee.

Tom Pounds, a member of the Georgia GOP state committee, argued that Trump's refusal to accept the 2020 election results and his incitement of a deadly riot at the United States Capitol have shut down any realistic hope of a 2024 comeback.

“I believe he’s delusional about the election being ‘stolen’ from him,” he said. “I hope and pray the Republican Party nominates a candidate that I can truly support.”

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This view was shared by Colt Chambers, the former chair of the Georgia Young Republicans, who said Trump's disastrous endorsements in the 2022 midterms should seal his political fate.

“He has done enough damage to our party and country, post-presidency," he said. "There’s no way he could win the general. We know this from the many lost races in 2022 by candidates that President Trump endorsed."

John Watson, a former chairman of the Georgia GOP, also faulted Trump's candidate selections, as evidenced by the failed bid of former NFL star Herschel Walker to win the Senate race this past fall.

"When Trump and activists who are aligned with him want to put up massively flawed candidates who can’t fog a mirror in the general election, I hope sane conservatives have lost all patience," he said.